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Amatørradio kan være en fin måte for direktekontakt mellom småsamfunn, og selvsagt til verden for øvrig. Zetaene er positive til amatørradio. Her et sitat fra Spørsmål-svar-runde 17. april 2010:

”Q: Question about communcations during and after the PS. I am a HAM operator and feel a very strong sense that I will play a role in communications via HAM HF airwaves. Will this be a good way to communicate? If so how?

“A: Short wave radio is used today for emergency conditions, as it can function without the need for extremely high towers and high voltage equipment. Short wave, or Ham radio when in the hands of amateurs, does require a relay method but can utilize the ionosphere and even the potential of Moon bounce, thus can span a long ways. It is also possible for short wave to be relayed from one contact with an antenna to another, passing a message along. We have advised that those wishing to communicate after the pole shift get familiar with the technology, get the equipment necessary to be a player, and learn the terminology and protocols. This is likely to be the only means of long distance communication.”

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