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In September 2010 I opened a ZetaTalk-based ning-community for English-speaking people: LiTrEra (Living in the Transformative Era). The ning-community PAN is for those living in Scandinavia, with Scandinavian as the chosen language.


PAN is based on the information from the website ZetaTalk that the planet Nibiru soon will cross the ecliptic from the south, and then will trigger a 90° Earth crust displace­ment. Norway, Sweden and the Eurasian continent will then be moved south of the Equator. ZetaTalk has estimated that more than 90 % of mankind will perish during or shortly after the global cataclysms. They have further estimated that ca. 43 % of the survivors will develop some psychotic character traits due to the multitraumatic crises on a personal level that the cataclysms will cause. The psychiatric diagnosis which will come closest to their mental state will be Posttraumatic stress disorder. A rise of the ocean level with 675 feet within two years after the crust displacement will drown all of Denmark. For Sweden, all the landmass from Stockholm and southward, and the long landmass adjacent to Bottenvika, will drown. 

The purpose of PAN is to prepare survivalwise, socially and spiritually for the Earth crust displacement and the following post-apocalyptic time. 

PAN was opened on March 30, 2010. Being educated a librarian, I have chosen that we in PAN only use the Group function, not the Forum function. We have around 37 Groups divided into seven categories (see below). One of the categories is named Worldview, and consists of five Groups. These Groups will not be allowed to be subject to ridicule, rejection or “trolling”. If you do not agree with the validity of some of these Groups, please just stay away from them. We will not set up Groups for other worldviews, e.g. the materialistic-naturalistic worldview, Christianity and/or Bibel interpretations, or other religions. 

Everyone should join the Group Levels 7-10, since the most critical information will be posted there. When the so-called “Level 7 cataclysms” have unfolded to a certain degree, people will start to loose confidence in what the governments, the academia and the media are saying. Only then will people in a serious way start to search for alternative answers to what has been happening to the Earth the last years. Many will then start to take the predictions of ZetaTalk seriously. 

In the Group Ideas and critique of this forum everyone can suggest ideas for improvement, and express their opinion about what in PAN they are satisfied and dissatisfied with. 

PAN is open for everyone. We take for granted that no one will waste their valuable time on “trolling” on PAN. However, if trolling and ridicule should occur, please report this to Adm. People not being members have only access to the Main page. 

It is quite up to you whether you want to be completely anonymous here on PAN, or whether you want to display your full identity (personal name, a picture of yourself, how to be contacted, and a short description of yourself and your desires for networking). But we prefer that you identify yourself as much as possible, eventually with a link to your facebook adress. And please, substitute the automatic profile picture of a bird with something else! 

PAN appreciates the cultivation of a positive and creative attitude, mixed with a sense of adventure, for the coming times. Thus, it is important to go through in advance, as far as possible, the negative feelings and reactions to the coming hard times. The time is short… very short. 

If you are a professional or expert in a subject relevant for PAN, and want to be of help, please send me a private email of your expertise. I may then contact you when help is needed to write an introduction to a thematic Group, or to have some text quality checked. 

If you want to be emailed for every new activity within a Group, you have to click on “Follow” within each of the Discussions that interest you in that Group . If you only click on “Follow” at the Group’s Main page, you will only be emailed for new activity on that page. 

As a general introduction to the subject of ZetaTalk, the Nibiru complex and its consequences on Earth, and the future of mankind, please read Nancy Lieder’s book and/or my two online articles:





Best of luck!



Groups by category



The Consciousness Paradigm.

Our ET experiences 1947 - present.

Oligarch history ("NWO").

Nibiru/Anunnaki history.




Northern Norway.

Central Norway.

Southern Norway.

Eastern Norway.

Western Norway.




Psyche, health

Psychotherapy & crisis therapy.

Leisure, fun, culture.


Body, food, health

Body, care, treatment.


Drinking water.

Food: cereals, potatoes.

Food: gardening.

Food: hunting.

Food: animal husbandry.


Food: insects (entomophagy).

Food: cooking and preservation.



Small society

Small society.


Power, energy.



House, shelter, furniture.


Travelling, wilderness living

Wandering, wilderness living.




Levels 7-10.

New worldmap, new climate.

Future visions.


Ideas and critique of PAN.




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