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På vei mot selvberging.

Jeg flytter snart fra en liten leilighet i Oslo indre øst, til hus med stor hage "på landet".

Noen timer nordover fra Oslo, med både skog, fjell og elv i nærheten.


Nå får jeg en masse nytt å lære meg:

hva kan dyrkes der, over 300 moh, med lange, kalde vintre?

Hva kan plukkes og høstes av matplanter i skogen o.l.?

Jeg må lære meg å fiske!

Lære gammelt håndtverk, reparere og snekre.

Planlegger å sette opp solcellepaneler etter hvert. På…


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Strange Sounds Leave People Scratching Their Heads

Over the course of the past few months residents from around the world have reported and videoed strange trumpet like sounds which seem to be coming from the sky. What is concerning is the huge increase this past week.

Others have recorded large booming noises that sound eerily similar to each other. Below are several videos of both types of noises.

You can clearly see in this…


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Ny gruppe på EsoNett: Vitenskap


Hvis noen er interessert i å diskutere hva vitenskap er (vitenskapens essens, filosofi, historie, teori/metodologi og sosiologi), velkommen til min gruppe Vitenskap på Esoterisk Nettverk!


Man må…


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Largest Planet in Our Solar System Could Be About to Be Discovered

Scientists believe they may have found a new planet in the far reaches of the solar system, up to four times the mass of Jupiter.

Its orbit would be thousands of times further from the Sun than the Earth's - which could explain why it has so far remained undiscovered.

Data which could prove the existence of Tyche, a gas giant in the outer Oort Cloud, is set to be…


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The Destroyer - Our Binary Partner and Why You Will Not See It Coming

The Destroyer is most likely a brown dwarf star that's too cold to be seen and in a perpetual dance with our Sun.

So many people want to label The Destroyer as a planet, or planet x. When NASA tells you that there are no large planets in our solar system that have gone undetected, they are not lying. Any large planet that would be big enough to affect Earth by passing us would have been seen by amature astronomers and would be…


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Will Nemesis Approach Earth From the Constellation Orion?

I'm about to show you something amazing. What you are about to see is either the biggest run of coincidences, or, our Nemesis will be coming from Orion.

To start out this quest, we are going to have to take a trip in time all the way back to December 30th, 1983. On that that day The Washington Post revealed to the public that NASA had found something of great significance.…


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The first main stream media "trial balloon"

The first main stream media "trial balloon"

was the Huffington Post... ....

and now Scientific American has been added to the list.

The mainstream people may be slow on the uptake for Wormwood and Planet X

thinking but sometimes they do catch…


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The Wormwood homopolar “motor-generator”

On of the discoveries that was rather “unnerving” for earth science people was the number of new underwater volcanoes that were erupting and heating the deep ocean water. It wasn’t just a few of them… there are thousands (maybe even millions) of new vents that are now spewing hot gas, hot water and dissolved chemicals… ……


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Seismic data from Katla - Iceland

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Current Solar Data (from NOAA) Solar X-rays: Geomagnetic Field: X-Ray Flux Magnetometer Satellite Environment (combined) Estimated Kp Index Electron Flux GOES 8 Proton Flux

Current Solar Data (from NOAA)

Solar X-rays:

Geomagnetic Field:

X-Ray Flux


Satellite Environment (combined)…


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Independant Research confirms over 170 + CEO / CFO Resignations in 2010!

Ceo Resignations 2010

Are they fleeing the coup? Do they know something is coming? Spending time with their families before “the event” ?? You decide.

These people are not just nobody’s to nobody companies.. Some of these are Fortune 500 Companies.…


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